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The Law Office of William C. Behrndt assists families in all aspects of family law and criminal defense by providing expert legal advice, effective negotiation, and as needed, aggressive litigation.

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  • There are some matters that require an aggressive litigator, while other matters require artful and perhaps amicable negotiations and settlement.
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A conservatorship is a legal arrangement in which an individual, a conservator, has court permission and responsibility to manage the affairs of another adult who is in need of assistance, referred to as an incapacitated person. More...

Bankruptcy and Family Law

In recent years family law has expanded to take into account issues concerning grandchildren, stepchildren as well as agreements and obligations between unmarried cohabitants, including gay and lesbian couples. The bankruptcy laws have lagged behind in addressing these developments. As initially enacted in 1978, the Bankruptcy Code did not except from discharge orders for the support of children born out of wedlock, the rights of parties to annulled marriages remain unclear, and other family-related obligations are not even addressed in the Bankruptcy Code. More...

Divorce and Dividing a Business

In many marriages, spouses have run a business together. The family-owned business constitutes a marital asset. It probably constitutes a large, if not one of the largest marital assets. It would not be practical to require the parties to run the business together. Typically, one party would continue to business and the interest of the other party is bought out. The business would be appraised and that amount is given to the party that was bought out. More...

Elder Abuse

Not only are children the victims of neglect and abuse, the elderly are victims too. There are various types of neglect and abuse that elderly persons endure. More...

Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act of 2003

In 2003, the Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act was enacted. The Act authorizes fines and/or jail terms of up to two years for any doctor who performs a partial birth abortion. A partial birth abortion is defined as an abortion in which the baby is delivered past the baby's navel outside the body of the mother or after the entire fetal head is outside the body of the mother. Most partial birth abortions are performed between 20 and 26 weeks. More...